A building for the natural and health sciences

Shining a light on science

Northwestern’s new health and natural sciences building is designed to illuminate the departments’ science-on-display philosophy. Ample windows—both to the outdoors and into classrooms and laboratories—will enable students and professors to see teaching and learning, exploration and discovery, nurturing and nursing in practice.

 A new health and natural sciences facility will transform science education at Northwestern by …

  • Relocating the nursing department from peripheral and off-campus labs and offices into the heart of campus and collaborative proximity with the biology and chemistry departments.
  • Increasing the number, size and flexible functionality of biology, chemistry and nursing labs to include stations where long-running experiments can be staged, facilitating more collaborative faculty-student research that prepares students for graduate school admittance and success.
  • Expanding the resources of the natural science programs to include garden plots, a greenhouse and vivarium.
  • Enabling Northwestern to develop new majors in fields such as biochemistry, dietetics and nutrition, genetic counseling, gerontology, health care administration and others.
  • Preparing more students for careers in the health and natural sciences where they can intelligently, compassionately and faithfully pursue God’s redemptive, healing purposes in the world.

A welcome campus addition

Northwestern’s new eco-friendly center for the health and natural sciences will anchor the southwest corner of the campus green, enclosing an expansive, yet private green space. At the same time, the west and south facades create a grand presence along Highway 10, better distinguishing the west entrance to Northwestern College and serving as a much-improved gateway to the Orange City community.