President's message

President ChristyGod’s word. God’s world. Together they are God’s revelation to us. Together they are the basis for the Northwestern College curriculum in every discipline, including the health and natural sciences.

Northwestern has enjoyed a strong reputation in the sciences since we became accredited as a four-year liberal arts college in 1970. Our professors are expert teachers and scholars. Our students are well grounded and have big dreams. For many of them, their Northwestern experience has included not only outstanding classroom and lab instruction, but also the opportunity to volunteer with medical and community development missionaries around the world through Northwestern’s exceptional Summer of Service missions program.

The challenge? Northwestern’s potential in the natural and health sciences is outpacing our capacity. More students want to study science and healthcare at NWC than we can currently accommodate due primarily to limitations in lab space. Our professors are talented researchers and mentors with inadequate space to stage long-running experiments.

Students are clamoring for science degrees because career prospects, particularly in the health sciences, are exploding. Aging baby boomers want and need more health and wellness services than there are professionals to deliver them. Many communities in the U.S. need more physicians and nurses as well as more nutrition, wellness and fitness professionals skilled at enabling older adults to live healthier lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

Northwestern College’s strategic decision to focus on facilities for the natural and health sciences as our next fundraising effort is a response to multiple signs all pointing in the same direction. We want to offer students the excellent science education they’re asking for so they can prepare to meet increased demands for researchers and healers, caregivers and caretakers. This project will honor the scientific talent Northwestern has been blessed with—students, professors and alumni—with an investment that will nurture and multiply that talent and unleash its redemptive power in God’s world.


Gregory E. Christy